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"Danneskjold" commission


  • A Message To You Rudy2:47
  • Deep Sea Diver2:37

Medusa Lucha Libre

Cap Off Art On!

​​​​​​​​John Taylor-Lehman  Recycled Beer and Bottle Cap Art Work 

"Creamsicle" SOLD

Video of 7 artists in the Winding Road from A to Z exhibition.I appear at 6:30

You CAN commission a portrait of a pet or a person

Ryan's Choice commission

Thanks for finding your way to my web site and welcome.  

Aqueduct of Segovia SOLD

I hope you will find some piece of my folk art that excites, interests, inspires, or simply puzzles you enough to want/need to own it!

The majority of my artwork is created by re-purposing materials that would otherwise find its way to a landfill or hopefully a recycling center.  Beer caps, found objects, scrap wood and metal are among the resources that have found their way into my work.

"Ceiling Fan and Smoke Detector" 

Works on display!

Fiddlehead Gallery     12736 Larchmere Blvd.
   Cleveland, OH 44120


Beer Cap Art, Folk Art, Outsider Art

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